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Armed and Fabulous

by Camilla Chafer

Overview (from B&  All Lexi wants to do is get through the day at her boring temp job with Green Hand Insurance.  That’s until she discovers the vice president, Martin Dean, in a pool of blood and herself at the center of an investigation into insurance fraud.  Millions of dollars are missing, the chief suspect is dead and her mysterious, sexy, new boss is not what he seems.

First, this is in no way related to the Sandra Bullock stinker of a sequel, which works in its favor.  This is more of a cutesy mystery versus the hardcore mysteries by James Patterson or Michael Crichton, but still good.  The main character, Lexi Graves, is interesting to follow and you really understand her boredom with her job.  Before you even get to the end, you’re rooting for Lexi to solve the mysteries that have fallen into her lap.  There is an element of romance (love triangle, of course), but Chafer does seem to try to break out of the norm.  Try being the operative word.  The other characters are interesting and would be more so with a little more background.  Overall, it was a great start to a series and I would probably read the second one.  I would recommend this to those who like a little bit of mystery, but don’t want anything to hardcore and gory.

3 out of 5 Bookmarks

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