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Tangled Beauty

by K. L. Middleton

Overview (from B&  Sinclair Jeffries thought she knew what she was getting into when her zany, gay friend, Jesse Eddington, talked her into portraying his girlfriend during his parent’s anniversary party on Huntington Beach.  That is, until she met Reed, Jesse’s sexy as hell older brother, and ends up getting much more than what she’d bargained for.

This book (165 pages on the Nook) was a quick read.  It has a very promising start.  Sinclair’s gay friend Jesse brings her to his parent’s house as his girlfriend.  The interactions between Sinclair and Jesse were hilarious, as was Sinclair’s first impression of Jesse’s family.  Then Middleton added a side romance between Sinclair and Reed, which was believable with some questionable morality.  All of a sudden the author blindsided the reader with action (a stalker turned kidnapper/killer – where did that even come from?).  I just kept reading, hoping my questions would be answered.  Eventually Middleton irons everything out, but an action build up and a few more explanations early on would solve a lot of confusion.  Tangled Beauty also left off on a small cliffhanger; I am not a fan of authors doing this (I won’t be forced into buying your new book!).  The last half of the book would have been better if Middleton slowed down and added more details.  I didn’t like the rushed feel or the snap personality changes in the characters.  If you want to get an idea of K. L. Middleton’s writing then it is free, but I would not recommend Tangled Beauty.

2 out of 5 Bookmarks

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