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No One Knows You’re Here

by Rachel Howzell

Overview (from B&  Three weeks out of cancer surgery, crime reporter Syeeda McKay is in the pursuit of Los Angeles’s most active serial killer.  Over the last twenty years, the Phantom Slayer has hunted African-American prostitutes working in one of the worst parts of South Los Angeles, killing eight victims in the alleys off Western Avenue, and then disappearing into the shadows.  But Syeeda doesn’t know that the killer has turned his sights on her.  Detective Adam Sherwood, a hotshot investigator with the Robbery-Homicide Division of the LAPD, has been handed the Phantom Slayer cases, and together, he and Syeeda must figure out who is doing the killing…before Syeeda becomes his next victim.

I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Have you ever heard the saying, “curiosity killed the cat”?  I always figured I was safe from that, considering my curiosity is mostly piqued by books.  The most that’ll happen to me there is a paper cut (which admittedly hurts like the dickens for something so small).  The main character of No One Knows You’re Here, Syeeda McKay, is definitely curious.  You’d have to be in order to be a good crime reporter and Syeeda is very good at her job.  The story line was great and thoroughly researched.  I actually got chills and had to look around my room after reading from the point of view of the Phantom Slayer.  The authors insight into the mind of a serial killer and his motivations was intriguingly disturbing.  The supporting characters weren’t as well-developed as I expected, especially with the incredibly detailed development of Syeeda McKay and Detective Adam Sherwood.  It was a bit disappointing because I would’ve loved to learn more about her other characters, like Lena and Toni (Syeeda’s friends).  The plot didn’t move too quickly and this novel (307 pages as PDF) did not suffer from a slow start, but something was off.  I never really got sucked in to the point where I just couldn’t put it down because I needed to find out what happened next.  It was good, but not great.  If you’re a fan of the crime/mystery/thriller/suspense genre, then I would recommend you pick up a copy of No One Knows You’re Here.  You’ll enjoy it without an ounce of buyer’s remorse.

3.5 out of 5 Bookmarks (I liked it, but just could not justify 4 full Bookmarks)

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