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Angelfire (Dark Angel #1)

by Hanna Peach

Overview (from B&  Forget everything you know about angels…  You’ll likely find Alyxandria slicing demons with her blades rather than plucking at harp strings.  She trains harder than any other warrior to prove she is nothing like her parents who abandoned her to become Rogues.  After a series of confusing visions, Alyx saves Israel, a mysterious mortal who knows too much.  She discovers she has been chosen as his Guardian.  There’s just one problem.  She is forbidden to even see him again.  Why does he need protecting?  And from who?  What she uncovers will change everything… an Elders’ dark plan, a keye to unlock Hell, and a prophecy that warns of the greatest war this Earth will ever know.  Her problems just multiplied.  The war for Earth is just beginning.

I received a free copy of this book from the author on GoodReads in exchange for an honest review.  The ultimate battle for the Earth will apparently be between angels and demons, at least according to most fictional literature.  I figured Angelfire would be another average supernatural/fantasy book.  Boy was I wrong and happy to admit it.  This novel (283 pages on the Nook) had me completely sucked in.  There were some grammar and spelling mistakes that I was surprised were missed in editing.  It didn’t have a slow start, but the author throws you right into the main character, Alyx’s world, which was kind of confusing.  I felt like I was playing catch-up trying to figure out who people were and how things worked in this novel’s world.  It was well worth the effort of sticking with it though.  The last time I was so completely enthralled in a story was in Panem with Katniss Everdeen.  Frankly, I’m not really sure when or how it happened.  I was reading along and next thing I know I’m done, it’s dark out and after 11pm.  I had to show some self-control and not immediately buy the second book to continue the saga.  The story line was a creative take on well-known figures, Seraphim (or angels).  If you go into Angelfire expecting traditional angels then you are going to get one heck of a shock.  These angels kick some major butt and harbor secrets that rivals those of the demons.  I personally can’t wait to buy book #2.  Unless you absolutely loathe the fantasy genre, I would highly recommend Angelfire.

4 out of 5 Bookmarks

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