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Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Popular Authors I’ve Never Read

Popular books and authors come and go constantly.  It can be a pain in the butt to try and keep up.  Of course there are those of us that desperately try to keep up anyway and really just end up with hundreds of books that they’ve never read.  So this challenge hosted by The Broke and the Bookish is really quite perfect.  As awesome and well-read as I think I am, there are plenty of ridiculously popular authors that I should’ve read and still haven’t.  Whether it’s life getting in the way or just a lack of motivation to read something by that person…the fact remains that I still haven’t done it.

Top 10 Popular Authors I’ve Never Read


1.  Jane Austen – Yes, I do realize how lame this is.  She’s written multiple classics, blah, blah, blah.  But it can be really hard to motivate yourself to read a “classic” novel.  Honestly, I never seen any of the movies based off of her books either.

2.  Stephen King – I have not read a single Stephen King novel, but I have seen a few of the movies that are based off of them.  Yes he’s popular, but I’m a wimp when it comes to scary things.  So King never seemed like the right choice for me to pick up.

3.  Charles Dickens – Another classics author that I just have no motivation to read.  In this case book size is intimidating and keeping me away.  I should probably just get over that and read A Tale of Two Cities or Great Expectations, right?

4.  Agatha Christie – I’ve never read one of her books, but I did see the episode of Doctor Who that was centered around her.  I am aware of the fact that it doesn’t actually count and may be seriously geeky.

5.  J. R. R. Tolkien – Once again, I’ve seen the movies that are based on his books.  I just haven’t actually tried to sit down and read anything he’s written.

6.  Danielle Steele – The whole romance genre is like The Forbidden Forest for me.  You’re not sure what you’ll find in there, so the fear keeps you away.  Beyond my fear of the unknown, I have no excuse.  My mom owns every Danielle Steele book, so I could’ve easily borrowed one by now.

7. Robert Ludlum –  I really should’ve read The Jason Bourne series by now.  My brain kind of decided that I’ve already seen the movies, therefore no pressing need to read the books.  Such a terrible excuse.

8.  Clive Cussler – People rave about the sheer awesomeness of his books.  I still haven’t read any of them.  I’m not even sure that I’ve read the back cover of any of them at the bookstore.  Wow, that’s kind of embarrassing now that I think about it.

9.  Anne Rice – I’m full on embarrassed to admit I’ve never read an Anne Rice book.  I love supernatural/fantasy books and she’s supposed to be one of the best.  I’m not sure where I’d start with her.  I was thinking either The Complete Vampire Chronicles or The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy.

10.  Michael Crichton – Jurassic Park!!!  One day I will at least read Jurassic Park.  Then I’ll be hooked on Crichton and have to read all of his novels.  For now though, I have a ton of other books that I really need to get off of my to-read shelf before adding more.

Realizing how many fantastic authors I’ve skipped on my reading binges is quite humbling.  It also made me take a hard look at all of the books that I own and have yet to read.  There are way too many and I should probably get to work on making that shelf a bit lighter. 



  1. Read And Then There Were None! It’s one of my favorites, it’s a super intense murder-mystery, and it’s very short so you can finish it in a few hours. And I’m in the same boat with Anne Rice, how could we have not read her books when we read so much fantasy/scifi? It’s sad.

    Great list 🙂

    • I really don’t know how we’ve both managed to skip Rice. I’ll have to add And Then There Were None to my list, along with the Anne Rice books. This list was a little embarrassing. Made me realize I may not be quite as well-read as I thought. :/

      • I agree, I was embarrassed I haven’t read some of these authors!

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