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My Fake Fiance

by Lisa Scott

Overview (from B&  When Samantha’s invited to a frenemey’s wedding, she can’t show up dateless and pathetic — even though she is dateless and pathetic.  So, Sam hires a hottie to pose as her perfect fiance.  But when he needs her to return the favor, Sam starts wishing the fake relationship was real.  Can they turn their lies into love?

My Thoughts:  When does lying ever actually work in your favor?  It’s never worked for me, but that may be because I’m awful at it.  My Fake Fiance is a short story (96 pages on the Nook) that is a very quick read.  So, what would you do if you were single and invited to a frenemey’s wedding; show up with a ready-made lie, show up dateless or just not go at all?

Like most of Lisa Scott’s stories, it’s cute and gives you the happily ever after that you secretly (or not so secretly, in my case) crave.    I would probably go stag, simply because the award for world’s worst liar could be mine.  On a separate note, I really hate the word frenemy (people who use it seriously sound like d-bags).  The author’s portrayal of an insta-fake-relationship was humorous and more believable as a major story plot than I expected it to be.  It might make a pretty entertaining movie short.  The characters were relatable and enjoyable to read about.

Unless you’re a true cynic, you’ll most likely enjoy this short story.  With that said, I’d recommend My Fake Fiance; it won’t take you very long to read.

3 out of 5 Bookmarks = I liked it.  It was cute, short and to the point.

Interested in buying this book?  Amazon or Barnes & Noble



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