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Guest Review: The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King

Guest Review by Ali from No Money 4 Books

Today is the first installment of our Round Robin Guest Posts!

Krystal from Books Are My ThingAli from No Money 4 Books, and I are each going to review a book for a guest post on each other’s blogs. We are going to do this twice so we each post on each other’s blogs once.

For this first round, we chose the theme of “Stephen King Books” and each chose a book by Mr. King that we hadn’t read. I chose Firestarter, Krystal chose Doctor Sleep, and Ali chose The Eyes of the Dragon. Check out all the reviews by clicking on the links to the blogs above. My review can be found over at Books Are My Thing.  We’ll have a second round of reviews for you soon, so stay tuned!

Heeeeerrre’s Ali (yes, it’s a reference from The Shining)!

Hello Reviews in a Pinch readers! I am Ali over at No Money 4 Books and I am very excited to be a guest here today. I typically read and review YA, science fiction, and fantasy books, and I rate all the books I read by what I would be willing to pay for them. Here’s my review for the first Stephen King book I’ve ever read.


What I’d Pay: $12

To sum it up: In this fantasy tale, an evil magician poisons the king and pins the crime on one of the royal princes in order to take control of the kingdom.

This was such a fun, traditional fantasy tale.

I chose this particular Stephen King book because he wrote this book for his daughter. Having never read anything by Mr. King, I will admit I was intimidated by the reputation that his books are both incredibly long and creepy. I’m so glad I chose this particular book as an intro to his work because it was a well-crafted fantasy tale that was not too scary and a very reasonable length. It had amazingly developed characters and a lot of time was spent going through the backgrounds of each of the main players so that it’s really clear what type of person each one is and what is motivating them. The plot is also easy to follow and while some elements might be considered cliches, such as the evil magician, clueless old king, and brave princely hero, I really liked that I knew where the story was going. I was able to rest assured that in the end good would triumph over evil and that allowed me to just enjoy the dark, wry humor and unique descriptions throughout the story. For some reason, this book reminded me a lot of The Princess Bride (the movie, that is, I’ve never read the book). Though the plot is very different, the tone is somewhat similar – a traditional fantasy tale told with lots of humor and the occasional booger joke. I have only two minor complaints about this book. First, the end is wrapped up very quickly in comparison to the rest of the plot and I would have liked a little more info. Second, I love dragons in fantasy tales and there are no live dragons in this book, definitely a bummer for me. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

This was intended as a story for children, and it had the charm I expect from a children’s book while delivering some more adult elements as well. At roughly 400 pages, it’s a longer book than I probably would have read as a child, but I think it would be perfect for young teens and up. I originally bought the ebook version, but when I realized there were illustrations I picked up a physical copy of the book which was a much better experience. Because of the small illustrations buried in the text, this particular book loses some of its charm when read in ebook format.

Bottomline: The length of the book and some adult content make this a great book for young teens and up. It’s a great, fun fantasy tale, with well-developed characters and some very funny commentary mixed into the more serious plot. Also, if you’re like me and slightly intimidated by Stephen King’s books, this is a great one to start with. It definitely made me interested in picking up other books by Mr. King in the future, particularly his fantasy series The Dark Tower. Finally, if you have the option, choose the physical copy of this book instead of the ebook to really enjoy the wonderful illustrations.

Interested in buying this book?  Amazon or Barnes & Noble


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