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After Wimbledon

by Jennifer Gilby Roberts

Overview (from B&  After 12 years on the pro. tennis tour and four years with her sort-of boyfriend, Lucy Bennett has had enough. She wants real life… and real love.

Her life, her decision. Right? Well, no one else seems to think so. With opinions on all sides, Lucy’s head is spinning. And she’s stumbling right into the arms of long-term crush and fellow player Sam. Shame her boyfriend – his arch-rival – would sooner smash a racquet over their heads than agree to a simple change of partners.

As the Wimbledon Championships play out, Lucy fights for her life on and off the courts. The question is: what will she be left with after Wimbledon?

My Thoughts:  Tennis is definitely one of those sports that I only watch when it’s really popular and everyone is talking about it.  I like watching movies and reading books about it though.  I’m not really sure why, it just works out that way.

After Wimbledon was a cute chick lit story about cutting out the absolute crap in your life and replacing it with what you really want and maybe even need.  It was a sweet romance and predictable in that regard, but its predictability made it no less enjoyable.

The main character, Lucy, was a bit of a whiner.  I was really waiting for the moment when she woke and took charge of her life.  It took awhile, but then again that true for a lot of people in the real world.  She was an entertaining character to read about and I thought pretty well-developed.  She did irk me every once in a while though.

I thought the chemistry between Lucy and Sam was fantastic.  I imagine they’d be an adorable couple, if they were real.  I really didn’t understand her attraction/relationship with Joe.  The author alluded to it starting out beneficially for both parties and things changing, but because we never saw (read) that part of Lucy’s story it just made it really easy to dislike him.

The plot was good.  I liked how tennis focused everything was.  It was interesting to think about the game from the players perspective and all of the media attention they have to deal with.  It’s not something I normally ponder, but After Wimbledon had me doing just that.

Overall, I thought After Wimbledon was a fun read.  There’s some sexual content, so readers should be 16+.  For all of you chick lit lovers and those who are looking for a light, quick summer read, I would recommend After Wimbledon.

3 out of 5 Bookmarks = I liked how cute it was.

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  1. Thank you very much for the review.

  2. I loved this book a little better than you did but great review anyway 🙂

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it so much. And thank you for stopping by to check out our review! 😀

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