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Sharknado (Rated TV-14)

*This review is part of our new weekly Monday movie reviews that we’re aptly calling Manic Movie Mondays!  And we chose Sharknado to be our pilot review for this new posting title.  Enjoy! 

Starring:  Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, John Heard, and Cassie Scerbo

Directed by:  Anthony C. Ferrante

Synopsis:  When a freak hurricane swamps Los Angeles, nature’s deadliest killer rules sea, land and air as thousands of sharks terrorize the waterlogged populace.

My Thoughts:  Lets get the obvious out-of-the-way first.  This movie is absolutely ridiculous.  I know that and I’m certain that anyone with an average level of intelligence is aware of that too.  Having said that, sometimes watching a movie with absolute no basis in reality and that makes the scientific/logical part of your brain sick is exactly what you want/need to watch at the moment.

The plot.  As ridiculous as it was, I have to admit it was creative.  I never would’ve thought to make a movie about sharks attacking on land due to flooding and tornadoes.  Syfy continues to stump me with the things they come up with and make into movies.  At the end, I do admit to having that moment of “WTF?!  Seriously?  That’s ridiculous!”  Then I wanted to smack myself for being so absurd.

The acting wasn’t too bad for this type of movie.  Tara Reid was eh.  Her character was actually pretty annoying and kind of useless.  Ian Ziering was okay, but nothing overly memorable.  John Heard and Cassie Scerbo definitely stole the show with the former portraying a drunk.

In the end, I would recommend Sharknado if for no other reason than the entertainment value.

3.5 out of 5 Popcorn Buckets = I liked it, but I seriously could not justify giving it anything higher than a 3.5.

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