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If You Ask Me (And Of Course You Won’t)

by Betty White

Overview (from B&  It-girl Betty White delivers a hilarious, slyly profound take on love, life, celebrity, and everything in between.

Drawing from a lifetime of lessons learned, seven-time Emmy winner Betty White’s wit and wisdom take center stage as she tackles topics like friendship, romantic love, aging, television, fans, love for animals, and the brave new world of celebrity. If You Ask Me mixes her thoughtful observations with humorous stories from a seven decade career in Hollywood. Longtime fans and new fans alike will relish Betty’s candid take on everything from her rumored crush on Robert Redford (true) to her beauty regimen (“I have no idea what color my hair is and I never intend to find out”) to the Facebook campaign that helped persuade her to host Saturday Night Live despite her having declined the hosting job three times already.

Featuring all-new material, with a focus on the past fifteen years of her life, If You Ask Me is funny, sweet, and to the point-just like Betty White.

My Thoughts:  Who doesn’t love Betty White?  She’s a firecracker and I absolutely love it.  I should note that I listened to the audiobook version of If You Ask Me (And Of Course You Won’t).  I really don’t think there’s a better way to “read” this book because the narrator is Betty White herself.  You get all of her comedic pauses and straight-laced observations through her, not some other medium.

I didn’t know much about Betty White’s personal life before reading this book.  I really just knew her from the tv shows and movies that I’d seen her in.  I always found her funny and when I saw her book, I thought I should give it a try.  She’s a truly incredible woman.  I learned a lot about her and it brought with it a new-found respect.

There are some flat-out hilarious stories and then there are some that are serious.  If You Ask Me was a true collection on parts of Betty White’s life.  It is not a complete biography or autobiography (she’s got a few other books out there).  It’s more of a sampling of her life.

Would I recommend it?  I would definitely recommend If You Ask Me.  It’s not pee your pants funny, but it’s still worth your time.  I would also highly recommend listening to the audiobook version.

3 out of 5 Bookmarks = I liked it, but Betty White has the potential for so much more than what this book offered.

Interested in buying this book?  Amazon or Barnes & Noble




  1. What should i ask you 😀

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