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So Behind! Review-A-Thon Wrap Up


Goodness!  We got so much done this weekend!!!  You’ll see the reviews popping up in the coming weeks, but we’re so excited that we have to give you a quick run-down for what we managed to get done.  For the record, the draft was started for everything it was just a matter of writing out our actual review of each book/movie.

Book Reviews:

Our goal totaled 10 reviews and we wrote 6 reviews.

  • Cell by Stephen King
  • First Impressions by Charlie Lovett
  • Golgotha by Saul Tanpepper
  • Humanity by Samuel Peralta
  • Sadie’s Guide to Catching Killers by Zane Sachs
  • Trauma Room by Samuel Peralta

Movie Reviews:

Our goal totaled 11 reviews and we wrote 7 reviews.

  • Catching Fire
  • Drinking Buddies
  • Gone Girl
  • It’s a Disaster
  • Kick-Ass 2
  • Some Girl(s)
  • Warm Bodies

Top Ten Tuesday Blogging Posts:

Our goal was to finish off the month of October (3 posts).  We finished all 3 posts, which means October is done!

During the So Behind! Review-A-Thon we wanted to finish up a total of 24 drafts that have been waiting patiently for weeks.  Ultimately we finished 16 out of those 24.  I’d say that’s pretty good (it’s more than 50%).



  1. Nice job!!!

    • Thanks. I was hoping I’d write a little more, but I had the same problem you did with life getting in the way. 🙂

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