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Guest Review: Bread Baking for Beginners by Angela Pierce

gues-revew-meme*Guest Review by Kelsey

Plot Summary:

Bread baking is the process of making bread no matter what type of bread it is. This is usually done by bakers in bakeries but this process can also be done at home even if you are not a baker. In other words, you can bake your own bread at home if you want to. As a matter of fact, there are several advantages of baking bread at home. One, it is healthier. This is because you are the one baking your bread meaning you know and you have full control over the ingredients you are putting in it. Two, bread baking at home is cheaper. This is because you are not baking for profit and since you have full control over the ingredients, it is up to you to decide whether to use expensive ingredients or not.

Book Review:

I received a copy of this book from LibraryThing for an honest review.

I was very excited when I received this book because I’ve always wanted to bake my own bread. I was sorely disappointed with this supposed cook book. I have never read a more terrible cookbook.

Firstly, the author was extremely wordy in her introduction. She stated the same tip several different ways without adding onto her original tip. Also, some of her tips were completely useless. She has a specific tip about how to knead the dough but doesn’t really go into detail on how to knead dough. There are no pictures to show us beginners what to do and the last sentence even says to do research or ask for help from someone who knows how to bake bread. If we are given tips on how to bake bread, shouldn’t all of the tips be included in the book without the reader having to do extra research or find someone who can bake bread. This is not a cookbook.

My other problem with this book is that the recipes are a total disaster. For one thing, the ingredients are sometimes not given measurements. One cannot bake without exact measurements (which is a statement listed in the tips and guides section of the book).

Another problem with the recipes is that the steps to bake are confusing and useless. We are not given an oven temperature on any of the recipes. How are you supposed to successfully bake bread without an accurate oven temperature? Oh wait, you can’t. And it’s interesting because this is again another statement we are given in the tips and guides portion of the book.

I also didn’t like the organization of the recipes. The very first recipe the author should have presented is the most basic of breads, a basic white bread or sandwich bread. That is just my opinion.

The terminologies used in the steps also don’t make any sense. I’ve read my fair share of cookbooks and I have never heard the term “shaggy” referring to a mixture. Since I have baked for many years, I understand what the author means, however a true beginner to baking would be lost and confused.

Also, in some of the recipes the author says “if using a bread machine,” and goes straight into what to do if you are using a bread machine. There is no alternate recipe if you are not using a bread machine. Isn’t the whole purpose of this book to learn how to bake bread without a bread machine? Again, this book makes no sense whatsoever.

This book should not be published. It’s absolutely terrible. The editor/publisher should demand a rewrite at the very least. I have never read a more awful cookbook. This book isn’t even deserve to be called a cookbook.

0 out of 5 stars

Interested in buying this book?  Amazon or Barnes & Noble



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