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Treat Yo Self Thursday – December 4, 2014

treat-yo-self-thursday1Over at No Money 4 Books, they created this bookish meme called Treat Yo Self Thursday.  We all know that it’s just not possible to buy ourselves every book or bookish item that we’d like, but we should treat ourselves once in a while!  Inspired by Parks and Recreation’s Treat Yo Self Day, this is a chance to share what bookish item you treated yourself to this week.  It can be a book you had to get your hands on, a great deal you just couldn’t pass up, or even reading paraphernalia such as a shiny new e-reader, cool bookmarks, cute reading glasses… nothing’s too small to include on Treat Yo Self Thursday!

Here at Reviews in a Pinch, we don’t participate every week, but when we do we go overboard.  This week’s excuse all comes down to Black Friday/Cyber Monday.  The deals and savings were enough that I felt like I’d be losing money if I didn’t take advantage of them.  The majority of these came from  If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out.  You know that we participated this week, so let’s get to the book haul (the links will take you to Goodreads).  For the record this all cost me under $50 (I’m too lazy to actually sit and add it up for you guys).


Side Note:  I tried to organize my bookshelves and failed spectacularly.  The real problem here is that I have too many books and really need to buy another 1-2 bookcases.  By too many books, I mean I literally have duplicates (yes, that is meant to be plural) because I forgot that I already owned certain books.  Good news on that front:  I’ll be doing a blogiversary giveaway for all of my duplicates (I’ve found about 5 books for that so far) in January.  See my ridiculous shelves/makeshift book storage areas (i.e. my window sills) below (please excuse the mess and my dog):

The physical ARCs that I should be reading.

The physical ARCs that I should be reading.

Window sill shelf #1

Window sill shelf #1

Window sill shelf #2

Window sill shelf #2

My mini bookcase.

My mini bookcase.

Hopefully now you can see why I may have forgotten that I already had a few books and ordered a second copy.  We won’t even think about my ebooks.



  1. This is such a great Treat Yo Self Thursday! So many good books on this list, I can’t even pick a few out to comment on lol. I’m interested to see what you think of Code Name Verity, I’ve checked it out from the library multiple times but haven’t had time to read it 😦

    • I’ve done that with Bird, Snow, Boy. I just checked it out for the third time and am determined to read it this time.

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