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Trauma Room

by Samuel Peralta

Overview (from Goodreads):  In the trauma room, a man lies on a gurney, fragments of an assassin’s bullet in his skull. He carries a secret that could save millions of lives. And if he dies, that secret dies with him.

From award-winning author Samuel Peralta comes Trauma Room, a flash fiction short story that is at once a thriller, a glimpse of a future dystopia, and a love story – all in 1000 words.

Trauma Room is one of a series of standalone stories about a labyrinthine world where time travel is just beginning to be realized, where pervasive surveillance by telepaths is a part of life, where non-human self-awareness has begun to make humanity face difficult questions about itself.

Welcome to the Labyrinth. Welcome to Trauma Room.

Full Disclosure:  I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

My Thoughts:  I’ve pretty much been gobbling up all of Samuel Peralta’s short stories lately.  So when he offered Trauma Room I jumped at the chance to read it, without actually reading the description (this is such a bad habit of mine).

In this case, it didn’t end up mattering.  It’s a very short, short story (frustratingly short) and it was awesome!  I don’t think I’d be able to stop myself from immediately buying it, if a full length novel comes out taking place in the same world as Trauma Room.

Trauma Room just gives you a taste and leaves you wanting so much more.  It’s exciting to read about telepathy and when an author goes down their own unique path with it, you can’t help but get excited as a reader.  I don’t know if it’s obvious, but it’s killing me that I don’t know more about this world or the characters in it.

If you’re already a fan of Samuel Peralta, then you’ll enjoy Trauma Room.  If you’re new to this author, then Trauma Room would actually be a very exciting short story to start with.  You’ve been warned though, that you’ll finish it wanting more.  I truly hope the author comes out with more from Trauma Room.

4 out of 5 Bookmarks = This is by far my favorite from Samuel Peralta, so far.

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  1. I don’t read short stories as I want more commitment from an author if I am going to enter their world but I love the premise of this one.

    • Trauma Room is definitely one of my favorite short stories, but it’ll leave you wishing for a full length novel.

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