Reviews In A Pinch

When You Just Need an honest review in a pinch.

Where Have You Been?

Apologies for being MIA, unexpectedly.  I had so many posts planned and some were 100% ready to go.  They’ll go up eventually, but it’s putting me a bit behind (which is driving me nuts).  I really hate messing up my own schedule, especially for no reason.

Like most people, I was busy with my family over the Christmas holidays and just didn’t get any reading done.  Plus I forgot to actually schedule the posts that were ready… again.  Actually, I never even turned my computer on during the holidays.

I missed Movie Monday this week because we’re short-handed at work and I had a bit of a Christmas hangover, aka I was still so excited about it all that I couldn’t focus for more than 5 minutes at a time (not great when you’re trying to type up a review or anything worth reading).  Then I missed Top Ten Tuesday yesterday because I was sick and just said, “screw it.”

This post is supposed to serve as a jumping off point to get myself back on track and hopefully start the new year off with a bang tomorrow.

Be on the lookout this afternoon for a post about a reading challenge I will be participating in during 2015.  It looks like a lot of fun and will be majorly useful for reading the unread books on my shelf.

Tomorrow’s post is something I’m ridiculously excited about sharing with you guys.  Since Thursdays are Treat Yo Self Thursday over at No Money 4 Books, I thought I would put together a  Christmas Edition.  It’ll have everything bookish that I either received for Christmas or bought myself with gift cards (I know I wasn’t supposed to buy myself anything until after Jan. 7, but I have very little self-control when I get excited).  I have pictures and everything.

Friday we’ll get back on track with Friday Shorts.  I’m hoping I can get 2 Friday Shorts up, to sort of make-up for unexpectedly not posting anything, but we’ll see if I can sit still long enough to finish up 2 reviews.

Then next week will be back to normal, other than it’ll be my birthday. =D  We’ll see how 2015 shakes out, but I’m hoping to be more consistent with getting my posts done ahead of time so I don’t end up with more weeks like this week and last.

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and that you’ll all have a safe and happy New Year!

*Side note:  Our blogiversary is coming up in January, so be on the lookout for our giveaway!!!


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