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Finding Her

*A bonus Friday Short since I missed a few days with the holidays.  Enjoy!

by Dawn Brazil

Overview (from Goodreads):  This is the story of a boy lost without a girl he has loved across five universes.

Finding Me introduced Chloe Carmichael and her inability to recall her past lives, including her love for Christopher Thomas. Finding Her is a novella from the perspective of Chris set right before he meets Chloe for the first time on Earth.

Christopher Thomas is on a journey. He has searched for years for the love of his life, Amanda Graves. He’s on a race to find her before their mutual enemy, The ENO. Because if the ENO captures her first, everything will be lost: love, life, and everyone in the known universe.

My Thoughts:  I was definitely a fan of Finding Me, so when I realized there was a prequel I was pretty excited to read it.  I managed to tamp down on my excitement so as not to have unrealistic expectations.  However, I was not expecting what Finding Her delivered.

The most relevant word I could think of to describe the overall story of Finding Her is creepy.  It made me like Chris a lot less.  He really came across as an Edward Cullen level of creepy.  Actually that’s the perfect comparison because they both watched the girl they desired sleep, while she didn’t know they were there.  Creepy.

It didn’t add much to anyone’s story, except for Chris and as I already explained he’s no longer seen in a flattering light.  I actually think I’d be more impressed with the series if I’d skipped Finding Her and just read Enlighten Me when it comes out.

There’s an excerpt from Enlighten Me, book 2 in the series and I know that’s supposed to tease you and get you excited for the book’s release, but it just made me roll my eyes.  It actually lessened my excitement because there is a very good chance that a love triangle will be at the center of Enlighten Me.  I cannot tell you all how much I hate love triangles in books.  In my opinion, it’s a pretty crappy way to add drama.  So I’m not looking forward to that, but I’ll still end up reading Enlighten Me because I can’t just let things go and I want to know if they end up saving the world and killing the ENO.

In the end I wasn’t a fan of Finding Her.  It’s really not good when a prequel makes you dislike one of the main characters.  I’m hoping it doesn’t change my opinion of Finding Me when I re-read it.  I’d skip Finding Her, unless you’re a hardcore Finding Me or Dawn Brazil fan.

2 out of 5 = I just didn’t like it.

Interested in buying this book?  Amazon or Barnes & Noble



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