Reviews In A Pinch

When You Just Need an honest review in a pinch.

About the Reviewer

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted you to get a quick feel for the person behind these reviews that you’ve been reading.  Reading is almost as vital as eating and sleeping for me.  “I just can’t get enough.”  I hate only reading reviews on a site you’re buying a book or movie from directly.  People leave reviews that are less than helpful or full of spoilers.  So, this blog will be full of my reviews for books and movies.

I’m a fan of reviews because if you read them carefully it gives you a little bit of insight into the person that wrote it.  It should be their opinion of the book.  It’s great if they can include facts about the book, but their opinion on whether or not anyone else should bother reading a book or watching a movie is the vital part of that review.

If you’ve read a particular book or seen a movie that I review, feel free to vote on whether you liked it or not at the bottom of the page.

Were you hoping for a review on a certain book or movie?  Leave or send a comment and I’ll do my best to help you out!

Happy Reading or Watching (if you’re more into the movie side of entertainment)!!!


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  1. I accept you 100. Very good and intuitive insight on the topic.

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